Gaming PC for MIchael Montano

My friend David came to me asking I could build a high end gaming rig for his cousin. I gladly accepted, and with a budget of $2,500 I set off finding the right parts and design. Once I got an idea of what the core system I challenged my self to do a clean looking custom liquid cooling loop for those parts. I started with a EK kit that came with CPU block 3x120mm fan radiator, pump/res and tubing/fittings. then I added a GPU block and extra fittings to make tube runs easier. One issue I ran into while building the system was when the CPU had a crack and leaked so I needed to clean the system out and get a new block.


  • NZXT H440: $109.99
  • ASUS Sabertooth X99: $309.99
  • Corsair HXi850: $159.99
  • Intel 5820K: $389.99
  • EVGA 980Ti: $679.99
  • Crucial Ballistix 16GB: $144.99
  • Crucial MX200 250GB (2 in Raid 0): $102.99
  • EKWB Kit 360 rad: $249.99
  • EKWB 980ti block: $125.99