My name is Michael Benjamins, for if you could not figure that out so far, and I am a 24 year old Drafting working for ENengineering. I am passionate about Technology, and video games, cars. Every day I check out tech new sites for the latest and greatest tech, my main focus in the tech space is high end computers. I have a few computer projects I have worked on and you should check out them in the projects section. For as long as I can remember I have been playing video games, I currently play League of legends and most of the new games that come out. I use to be very heavy into single player games but lately I have been primarily playing multiplayer games. I have been passionate about cars almost as long as I have been about video games. I currently own a 2010 Mazda 3. I am very interested in exotic cars like lamborghini and koenigsegg, but my dream car that I aim to get some time in the future is the ariel atom.

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